DRC Electrolyte Funnel


  • Black, plastic funnel that’s about 2” in height and diameter (at its largest)

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DRC Electrolyte Funnel

Sick of spilling your favorite electrolyte mix mid-race? Tired of stumbling and fumbling at the aid stations, trying to pour your next batch of white powdery…ELECTROLYTES into your bladder or water bottle? (We knew what you were thinking. Shame on you.) Incompetent crew? We can’t help you there, son.

PROBLEM SOLVED. The “It’s not drugs, I swear!” DRC funnel serves as both a funnel and a storage compartment for your precious electrolytes. Screw-on lids keep your powder dry and are small enough to store.

And whatever you do, don’t get pulled over when this is full of white electrolyte powder. We will NOT be held responsible.

You can put your coffee in it, too.

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