Name: Justin Hallberg

Location: Omaha,NE

Day job: Parts delivery driver for Bumper & Auto

First race: Trek Up the Tower 40 floor stair race at the Woodman building downtown Omaha

Longest distance run: Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)

Do you like to sh!t in the woods? Hell, yeah! It’s so freeing and glorious, LOL. You get to be one with nature!

When did you start running, and why? Believe I started getting real into running back in the early start of 2019. As to why I did, I just wanted to start getting exercise and moving instead of staying inside and watching tv or on my laptop all the time. I also wanted to challenge myself on running and building up endurance to run farther and faster!

What is your all-time favorite race, and why? My first half marathon in Lincoln in 2019, the Good Life Halfsy! That one was awesome just because my best friend Anna Di Ruocco and her golden doodle dog Rose came to cheer me on and support me. It was so fun running around Lincoln for the 13.1 miles and just seeing all the views and crowds cheering us on! It was definitely one of my hardest races and farthest. But it was so rewarding when I hit the finish line.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from running? That there are so many great friends that I can reach out to if I have questions about running, aka the Monolith Trail Co. team or the OG Brady West haha.

What race would you like to run, and why? I’d like to do any of the trail runs around Omaha. Never had the chance to run a trail race yet, and think that would be kick ass to experience.

What is the most unique or odd experience you’ve had during a race–whether running, crewing, or spectating? Ran in a crazy snow storm back in 2020 for the St. Patrick’s 10K down at the Baxter Arena. Ended up getting 2nd place for my age group and 7th overall!

Gear talk! Tell us about your go-to’s (shoes, socks, packs, fuel, etc.).

  • Gelindo Military Tactical Hydration backpack with 2L water bladder
  • Body Glide anti chafe balm
  • Spring Energy gels
  • Free Train running vest that has a pouch to put my phone for hands free running!
  • Wireless headphones
  • Still have yet to find good running socks. I’m “open to suggestions”.
  • Brooks Ghost 13, probably going to need to retire these soon done most of all my runs so far with them, they have been very good to me time to retire them and move on to some new ones!
  • Usually have a trucker hat on from Dirt Run Co. before the rebrand, and depending on weather short sleeve shirt and some mesh shorts.

What is something most people might not know about you? I have an Associates and Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

Anything else you want to share? Photography is my other passion!! I’m also addicted to getting tattoos. I’m really into graffiti art and spray painting. You can find me on Instagram at @kingofthethrone_1990.

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