Michelle Kumetat

It’s crazy to look back and think about my life just a little over 7 years ago, before my love of running began. I started off kind of on accident, never intending to be a “runner” and just looking for a way to lose some weight and be a little healthier. Basically, I wanted to still be able to eat cheese and not die from it. Lots of cheese. My first “official” running event was the Warrior Dash 5K and let’s just say my love of mud and sweat increased exponentially from there. I’m not fast (cheese slows you down), but I can go far. About 4 years ago, I started venturing into running ultras, giving distances from 60K’s to 100 milers my best shot. I haven’t met all the goals I’ve set for myself, but I’ve achieved and I’ve failed and either way, I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Every run is an adventure and that’s what keeps me going. In the trail running community, I’ve found my people. We’re diverse, dirty, adventurous and always supportive of each other. For me, it’s all about being appreciative of nature, caring for others and finding happiness in the middle of it all.