Mary McClain
Let’s be honest, I wasn’t a runner in my previous years of life and I never intended to become one but here I am! My first attempt at a competitive trail race was G.O.A.T.z Trail Runs in 2017, I signed up with a friend who was going to walk the 10.5-mile course. I thought sounds easy enough I’ll just walk the race with her because at this point, I couldn’t even run .05 miles without losing my breakfast. We decided days before the race. She would drive us to the race and I would buy the pre-race coffee.  Fast forward to race day: her order at Scooter’s was a “large Hazelnut with 3 shots of espresso”.  It didn’t dawn on me until they yelled “GO” at the beginning of the race that my life would forever be changed.   My friend took off running and I took off running behind her yelling, “don’t leave me, I don’t know where I’m going!” About 5 miles later with my heart beating out of my chest, my friend’s large Hazelnut with 3 shots of espresso finally wore off and she walked the rest of the race. I survived the whole 5 unprepared miles of running and finished my first G.O.A.T.z race. My love of nature and respect for all of the crazies who run trails grew quickly that day.
My 1st running goal was to complete my first marathon. August 2020, I finished the Moorehead Park Trail Mazathon. My 2nd running goal was to complete my first 50K. On my third attempt of finishing a 50k, I finished the G.O.A.T.z Trail Runs 50k in October 2021.  
When I’m not running trails, you can find me working out, walking, biking, or hiking in nature. I love taking pictures of my adventures and enjoy posting them online. It still amazes me when someone will comment how much they enjoy my pictures or my posts. I am definitely blessed to be able to do what I do and blessed to build those bonds with others who enjoy nature as much as I do.