Jeff Morrick
I started running shortly after getting sober, 2000-2001. Initially used as a distraction, I did slowly begin to enjoy it. The peace, serenity, solitude were great!! But the tired legs, burning lungs, and sore feet…not so much!
As they say, if running is hard you should run more. So I did, and I have, and I continue to. Since moving to Nebraska from Arkansas in 2010, running turned to “racing” which followed the predictable pattern of 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, wait what a Full Marathon??!! Yes, actually 12 marathons as of this writing.
Then I met Lady Ultra.  Such a vixen!  Ran, and won, my first event – Standing Bear 50K – color me hooked – since then I’ve completed 21 more ultras, including four 100s, several 12-24 hr events, and a Backyard Ultra.
Those who get it will never ask…and those who ask will never get it.
I’d rather die climbing the mountain of fear, peril, and doubt than die comfortably at the bottom forever wondering if I could.
Let’s get weird!