About Monolith Trail Co.

Monolith: β€œan organized whole that acts as a single unified powerful or influential force.”

We are Monolith Trail Co.

About Monolith Trail Co.: we are an apparel brand for runners, hikers, and bikers who are dedicated to the outdoors and a common love for the trails. We empower people of all walks of life to embrace the outdoors and take care of the earth on which we run, hike, and bike. It doesn’t matter your speed, size, orientation: we are a community for the trails.

Our roots began in September 2016 as Dirt Run Co., founded by Brady West and Paul Meyer. In February 2021, Kim Bultsma took the helm and Monolith Trail Co. was born. While Dirt Run Co. will never be gone, you still might find some of our apparel out in the wild.

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Do something for the first time.

We live to adventure in the beautiful places that are off the beaten path.

We were meant to run the trails, hike the mountains, bike the dirt, jump the falls, and hammock the beaches. There is too much to see and too much to do to stay at home. Where we go is pertinent to the memories we make, and the memories we make become part of who we are.

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Go adventuring.

We believe everyone should experience these things, travel to these places–feel the wonder they have to offer. Our goal is to provide clothing to take on these explorations, as well as represent the adventure-seeking individuals we are.

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Take us with you.

We create unique designs with your love of the trails and outdoors in mind.

  • Soft, Comfortable materials
  • Durable materials
  • Earth conscious
  • Made for the outdoors
  • Home goods
  • Trail goods
  • Casual wear
  • Trail wear
  • Headwear

What our humans are saying:

"I love having apparel that represents me."

Coco Lyons

Deacon, Saint Michael Lutheran Church